❝If you remember me, then I don't

care if everyone else forgets.” ―

Haruki Murakami
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A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they're not, using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.

If you’re assuming that this post is about me being “catfished” then you’re absolutely right. — I’m not going to make this post super long cause I know most people hate reading novels so I’m going to try to make this a bit brief and very easy to understand. (all in all, it is easy to understand but I don’t want to make it ten years long)
In the ending of September, (aka last month) I was talking to my friend on skype about hot asian guys. (don’t judge) To which, she replied that she’s friends with one and that she’ll ask him for a picture and then she’ll send it to me to see what I think of him. The picture she sent me of him is the one up above with him sitting on the stairs. I responded back that I think he’s cute and then soon enough, he added me on skype and we started talking. Then we became friendly and exchanged phone numbers. Not too long after that, we started dating. — The day after we started dating, I messaged my friend about it to tell him the good news. But unfortunately, he had displeasing news to tell me about the guy I’m dating. Basically, he told me that him and another friend of mine was catfished by the same person who was using the above pics but under a different name. After that, I decided to play along a little longer to see if I can unmask the person who’s “catfishing” me. A few weeks ago, he told me that every year in February, him and his family come down to FL (where I’m at) to go to Universal in Orlando. Once they do, he said that he’ll come down to me in Miami so we can finally meet. I told my friend this and he told me that when he was being catfished, the guy he was talking to told him the same thing. By the way, I know who is the person catfishing me. It’s the one who told me about this guy in the first place. What I noticed recently is that he always takes forever to text back and my friend who introduced me to him works everyday and for so many hours. When she’s working, that’s when he isn’t texting me. My suspicion led me to believe that it has to be her. Also, with my friends who were catfished by the same person as me; after months of dating, my friend started to suspect that person he suspected was not the person in the pic, so he ended the relationship. He and his friend who was in the same situation as him, was seeing the guy’s cousin, and the two came to a realization and found out that those two are the same person and they knew it was one person, the person who introduced the guys to them like how I got introduced to the guy by my friend on skype. Now, I’ve asked the guy I’m dating when we can webcam and he said that he doesn’t have one on his computer. So I asked if we can skype call. To which, he said that his mic is fucked up but I said I didn’t care. So a few minutes after, I got him to call me but when I answered it, his phone sounded like a guys voice but mixed with a robot, as if he was using a voice over to disguise his voice in a way, ya know? So last week, I told him I’ll buy him a webcam but he said he doesn’t want me to spend any money on him and that he’s gonna buy a iPhone soon enough so that we can talk on the phone can facetime cause the phone he has now is “fucked up” when you talk on the phone so you can’t hear him when we speaks. I’ve also asked for his facebook and tumblr but he said he doesn’t have either one. He’s suppose to get his iPhone this Saturday but I can’t wait any longer because I want to put my friend to an end with catfishing people.
By the way, this is a video of the guy in the pics above, covering Hey Ya by Outkast: click here I don’t know how it’ll help find this guy but I know the people of tumblr are crazy smart with computers and high tech software so you can do something with this video, I guess,
If you can’t see both pictures too well, here they are in a much bigger size: left pic and right pic

So I made this post to try to find the guy in the pics above in hopes of him helping me put my friend to an end cause it needs to stop. My followers, would you be ever so kinda as to reblog this post to spread it around? Maybe your followers might know who he is or have seen him at school or their college. And who knows, this guy might have a tumblr account of his own and might come across this post.

If you happen to find him, know who he is or is the person in the pic, please message me in my inbox on here: inbox